Pentecost Interweave

Pentecost Cairn

Why not paint a pebble in flame colours, and add it to the cairn at St Johns church building? Each of us carries a flame, and even when it is unwise to meet together, we are never really alone.

Welcome to the Quartz Interweave page. This page was set up for Pentecost Sunday on the 31st of May 2020. On the day it held a live discussion forum for people to meet up Online. The page has now been converted to provide a resource for people to explore #SensingSpirituality and provide "Time for Reflection" with the theme of Pentecost.

The chat facility has been replaced by a video presentation - something like this would have been used at the Dumfries High School end of term assembly. So if you are visiting the page from the Schools Hi!

I hope you are able to find the time and space to enjoy the summer holidays. I will be praying for you and your teachers as you adjust to new ways of working (again) when term restarts.

At a physical interweave you would be able to walk around the building and find things which are interesting, beautiful, and that you can get involved in, this page is set up so that you can browse and take part at your own time and depth.

Craft Activities:

PENTECOST CAIRN: While you are listening to something, like the YouTube playlist or birdsong in the garden, paint a pebble using Pentecost colours. Perhaps it is fire, perhaps wind or perhaps the Holy spirit in the form of a rock pigeon that inspires you. Once the stone is painted you could take it to the St Johns building and help build a Pentecost cairn by the notice board. This is just a pebble, what transforms your heart from hardened stone to give it a beating pulse?
(Please just place a pebble and don't pick up the other pebbles. If you live more than 5 miles away, ask someone else to leave a stone for you. Manage the risks, keep people safe from Covid-19)

WIND SPINNERS: Wind is a widely used symbol of change. We can't see the wind, but we can see its effects. Think about the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life, and your environment. When you look at your surroundings do you just see things, resources to be managed, used for the good of mankind - or do you sense the creative potential placed there by God? If the heavens declare the Glory of the risen Lord, and the whole of creation is God's temple - are the changes we need to make in our relationship with it? Money lenders tables to tip? Or perhaps simply a more subtle sensing of sacredness in the ordinary. While you think about this you could make a "Winds of Change" wind spinner. There will come a time when we can display these and join with other people in responding to the climate emergency. (see the Quartz stall at the environment fair for more details)


What might it have been like to experience the event known as "Pentecost"?


What would you like to see affected by "Winds of Change?"

Watch a short discussion about Spirituality and the environment.


Research Pentecost!

What is it? The name "Pentecost" remembers an event which took place 50 days after passover. It is described in the book of "The Acts of the Apostles"

Read a description here: " When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house ..."

The story is taught in Scottish Schools, because to understand Scotland you need understand the spirituality of the peoples who have and continue to create it:

What do I need to know to understand Pentecost?




Want to just site and think about it for a while?

videos like this might help give you focus.

Wind in the Trees Nature Meditation with Isochronic Tones from Caterina Christakos on Vimeo.


Some tunes on a YouTube play-list for you to explore the theme with, perhaps while you make a U.F.O. or paint a stone

Think a U.F.O. is something alien? Then check out the Quartz stall at the Dumfries and Galloway (Online) environment fair to find out more.


Got an idea for some practical action to take?

Chat about it with someone on the video link about it.

You could also send us an e-mail and get involved

Scottish Heritage

The stories in this YouTube clip are part of the rich cultural heritage that has built up Scottish culture as we experience it today. They are based on manuscripts from the C8th, C12th and C15th Centuries but if you ask around you will be able to find plenty of people still alive who can describe similar experiences.

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