Terms and Conditions for Sales and Hires



This is a basic guide, fees for a particular event will vary to take into account preparation, distances traveled, equipment needed and materials used. As I am able to provide a wide range of services in many different settings please contact me to get a quote for your particular circumstances.


Service required   Fees ( Scottish Artists Union Rates of Pay here)  

Relevant Qualifications / Experience

I have an MA(hons) from St Andrews University in Philosophy and Theology, and won prizes at School for Chemistry and Latin. I also have many years of experience and on the job training in Historical interpretation, youthwork and volunteer management.
School Visits  


I still visit schools! however I am working with a voluntary organisation called "Cluaran"

They are set up to try and make Living history school visits more affordable and accessible to all school pupils accross Scotland. They also use their network of contacts to organise heritage craft activites, like a bunch of Vikings living by a loch and building a curragh boat for a week

Please visit their website Cluaran Historical Interpretation Project for a guide to costs.


Member of the Scottish Artists Union

Experience of visiting Schools since 2003

At least one residential week per year living in a working historical setting - for example as a viking blacksmith

Extended tours of schools and community arts in the shetland's (2008, 2009) and the Isle of Man. Caithness Viking festival 2016

Member of "The Vikings" re-enactment society and part of its enthusiast community and ongoing discussions

Ongoing CPD as part of the St Johns Dumfries Chaplaincy service providing RO/Time for reflection to Dumfries Schools

Booked sessions in the Wordsmithcrafts Workshop  

Session £165 (half a day or an evening)

First day £280

Weekend £500

Meals and accomodation not included! up to 6 people a session.


I have been running crafts sessons for community groups since 2000AD. The workshop is set up to allow me to make things from steel, wood, and leather. Please get in touch if you would like an introduction to a craft.

Traditional skills, Craft Displays and Workshops brought to you (except blacksmithing)

(For costumed historical interpretation, please visit the Cluran webpage, as they are managing these bookings for me).

Half day £165 (unless a full days equipment is required)

First day £350

Weekend £690

per hour £32.03 (extended contracts)

plus travel and depending on type of accommodation available. I come with a tent I can live in for the duration though! As the cost of materials can vary widely, please contact me to discuss numbers and the type of craft.



Medieval Methil festivals (since 2000)

Largs Viking festival

(since 2007)

Participation in International Viking Markets in Norway and Denmark including Karmøy Gudvangen (find me on Norwegian TV here)

Isle of Man Viking Festivals (4 times since 2005)

The Making of the Lindisfarne Gospels (2013, 2014, 2015)

Ongoing as a volunteer member of "The Vikings"

Dumfries Museum Summer workshops 2014,15

Ongoing Craft Workshops in the Art Room (The old Schoolhouse Dumfries)

Member of EXARC


Smithing displays usually require heavy equipment, two people (and fuel), and so cost more.

Please get in touch with me to tell me more details, and I'll woirk out a quote.








See above, but also:

New forest show, Hawic Reaver festival (C16thAD), Kirkcudbright Artists Trail, Crocketford Gala, Unst Viking festival, Blargowrie history fair 2014, Unearth Perth 2015 Whithorn 2016

Taliesin Blacksmithing workshops

Time for Reflection  

Exploring what it is to be fully Human.

Workshops by arrangement, using arts and crafts to explore #SensingSpirituality.

These workshops are conducted in a way which seeks to facilitate everyone, in a positive and inclusive manner.

I am supported by St Johns Dumfries.  and this means that due to their giving I may be able to offer you my help free at point of access. 

  Ongoing activities in connection with St Johns Dumfries can be found here and on the Quartz pages

Commissioning and Refunds

Your legal rights: When you buy goods from a business, in law you have a number of rights as a consumer. These include the right to claim a refund, replacement, repair and/or compensation where the goods are faulty or misdescribed. Trading Standards might be able to help you - but if you have a problem with any of my goods or services please get in touch with me and I'll do my best to help.

T-shirts and merchandise

If you are buying from my cafe press, or spreadshirt shop, you will be dealing with Cafe press and Spreadshirt. This means that their terms and conditions apply, and although I'll do my best to help sort things out - you are really dealing with them and they then give me some money for the use of my design.

Stock goods

If an item is in stock I'll normally get it to you (within the UK) in under a week. If it is not in stock I'll contact you and let you know and let you know how long it will take. This will usually be under 48 days.

If you have any complaints about the quality of the goods, I will of course replace the item in question if I have another available or offer a refund or repair instead. You just need to contact me within 14 days of recieving the item and return the faulty or misdescribed item (at your expense).

Custom goods

As each arrangement will be unique I'll agree costs and delivery with you when we discuss the commission. In general I'll ask for half the fee in a non refundable advance to cover the costs of experimentation such as time and materials. The other half will be due when the commision is completed and is the value of the item that will be refunded if required.


It is important to me that wordsmithcrafts items are fit for purpose. If you have requested an item for use in a living history setting, please let me know of any particular conditions that will be attached to it's use and do not assume that I automaticaly know the particular balance of evidence, health and safety, affordablity and interpretation requirements that form your groups authenticity rules. I base all such items on archaeological and historical evidence, and where no direct evidence is available I will use available materials and techniques to produce something plausible. If I am incorrect in stating that something is suitable for a particular use, then I will refund or replace the item with something which is suitable.


Inland Revenue reckon that a charge of under 45p per mile won't be making a profit!

first 30 miles included in fee

30 - 100 miles 45p per mile

each mile over 100 miles 35p per mile


My name is Simon Lidwell, I'm a sole trader, trading as Wordsmithcrafts. My address, so you know where to find me outside of markets and cyberspace, is Wordsmithcrafts Workshop, 3 James Avenue, Dumfries, DG2 9AU

I will consider each opportunity on its own merits, so if you have an interesting idea please get in touch. I value the role voluntary action plays in the community and therefore make sure that a proportion of my time is spent working for the benefit of those outside my family without concern for financial reward - as I am sure you will understand, this portion of time may already have been used when you get in touch.




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