Wordsmithcrafts is a haven for a boat, boat building, and building community understanding of heritage.

The local VIKINGS group started in the studio.

We hav  provided resources and information for Hidden Histories of Gallovidia

During lockdown we have created an "Online Longhouse" for storytelling, and have continued to connect people with their heritage as well as helping them to keep an eye on the horizon while staying safe.

These heritage services have been grouped together under the working title "Cluaran"   Find out more on the Cluaran Websiteor scroll down the page for heritage balcksmithing information.

Heritage Black Smithing Workshops

(When Covid safety allows)

The Studio is set up to help people learn a broad range of traditional crafts. In particular, if you would like to have a go at black or silver smithing

- especially in a way where you will experience the simple techniques of fire and hammer, rather than modern steel alloys and grinding-

Then you can book a workshop for yourself, or a small group. Come and have a day to remember or an evening session in the Wordsmithcrafts Workshop. Costs are outlined in my "terms" below

Or, because I use simple proceadures,   I could even travel to you and set up anywhere where it is safe to BBQ. I have provided this service for re-enactment groups, and even film companies wanting to enhance their levels of realism.

Have forge, will travel!

Please contact me to book, or for further details.


Smithing Workshops



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