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At first, the response to Lockdown seemed like sheltering from a blizzard. Hunkering down and waiting for it to blow over. It's now become more like a mini ice age. At first the gig economy resoponded to lockdown by going online and offering things for free. Now support schemes are freezing up, crowds are still unable to gather in person, so creatives need to find new sources of inspiration and ways to perform.

This page is now an index to ways to access wordsmithcrafts activities online - adapted to the new normal (until it changes).

I have organised three new pages of resources:

Mindfullness, Meditations, and #SensingSpirituality

This page has labyrinths, meditation activities and a playlist of sitting in the garned being mindful of the sun.


Vikings! and also some of the lives of saints, Sci- fi taking storytelling onto YouTube

Craft activities

Learn a new skill, or take on a project using things you have around your house to make a thousand year old boat ...



Sacred Space

Need some space? Ask your flatmates or family to give you some room. Put on some headphones, Take some time out for this daily meditation SACRED SPACE


Last word

Support the self employed creative industries! During the summer events season many of them depend on events for cash income. it looks like most of these will be canceled. - Find them on patreon, YouTube and all the other places they are providing Online content!

All the things on this page provided by me are free to use and share, as long as you don't start selling them! They have been provided for you as a free gift by those living out their Faith.

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