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Quartz Environmental activities

#SensingSpirituality is something we practice through all of our activities, whether it is going for a walk by the river or in the town centre. If you learn to relate more fully with the whole of your environment, perhaps you will be able to make better decisions about how to interact with it?

A quick overview of some of what Quartz does here:

Quartz - Environmental Threads


Winds of Change

Everyone in the UK has been effected by changes made to shield people from the worst effects of Covid-19. What changes need to be made to adapt to the climate crisis ?

Take some time out, reflect on the situation - make a windspinner while you think!

Put your thoughts into action. Do, reflect, learn, do!

Get involved - there are links to ways to do this here https://linktr.ee/windsofchangeglobal

Figit to learn!

We use crafts a lot to explore and express things which are difficult to think about - let alone discuss with words.

If we were in the same place as you we would have brought things along to help you make a wind spinner while we chatted. Here is a youtube video instead!

Drop in to our interweave page to find about the #SensingSpirituality that goes with this activity.

To get an idea of what we have been doing recently, have a look at our

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