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At first, the response to Lockdown seemed like sheltering from a blizzard. Hunkering down and waiting for it to blow over. It's now become more like a mini ice age. Make yourself comfortable by learning to move your mind.

Mindfullness, Meditations, and #SensingSpirituality

Mindful Crafting Videos Playlist


The Nith Mirror

Produced as a micro commission for The Stove Network. You can access it from their website by following this link

A simple finger labyrinth tool for chilling out. Right click the image to "save as" then you can print it out to use.


Crafting mindfulness - Currans for the soul

A simple meditative craft activity

Crafting Mindfulness


Last word

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All the things on this page provided by me are free to use and share, as long as you don't start selling them! They have been provided for you as a free gift by those living out their Faith.

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