The Third Pilgrimage

I've been wrestling to maintian 'net access while I moved house. I've also been working on the following to help out with the mothering Sunday service at church.

Mothering Sunday

This time I stayed on one site and used the search function to explore it. The site was DeviantART and it is the home of some very cool pictures. It's also an international artistic community, I'm not a member ... yet ... but maybee someday soon!

So anyway I was asked to produce a display of some images linked to words to help people think about a passage in the bible. I've also made some tablemat type worksheets and inspirations to think.

The service will take place in the church hall. As the congregation well, congregates, the images will be playing on a screen, witht he band playing some merry tunes. Everyone sits down round cafe style tables, there is a welcoming speaky bit and then the mothers are served breakfast by their offspring. The idea is that people learn through the environment, the placemats arefilled with information and activities, including the passage. We will see how it goes.If you would like to see what I've been doing, then follow the links below:

Placemats A3 Size To view these you will need acrobat reader
Placemats A4 Size (portrait) A3 is nice and big, but A4 is easier to print
Placemats A4 Size (landscape) The wordsearch was contributed by Lucy


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