The Quartz Christmas Tree

The name Quartz has been chosen because if you describe the history of the world through technology then age we are entering is the digital age. Quartz crystals were an important component in the development of digital technology. Quartz also reflects light and is bright and sparkly, which reminded me of "Candida Casa" - or the "Bright White House" which translates to Whithorn in early English. This is where St Ninian is reported to have been chosen as the first bishop in the British Isles a century or so before St Columba of Iona or Augustine of Cantebury.

In decorating the tree with QR codes we have chose to use digital technology and try to highlight the symbolic function of decorations. Symbols work on various levels. Some people will see the tree and think about modern techology. If an observer learns to read the symbol (QR code) they will find that they can access more information than could be displayed on any tree. Some people won't do this, of course, but then - how many people see a bauble or tinsel and wonder what that represents either! For those that make the effort to learn the symbolism, the symbol can then become a common expression of community which is also vague enough to allow people to give it it's own special significance for them.

The tree was only on display fo a weekend, but the decorations have an afterlife as usefull bookmarks!

The sites which the QR codes will link people to are representive of some of the activities carried out as a result of Quartz. A picture of the tree will also be used on social media and more traditonal web sites to take the event beyond the walls of the building. This combination of tradition and new technology is a deliberated attempt to hand on what we have received by giving it new life in a fresh "body".

To find out more about Quartz, or to become involved (worldwide as well as in Dumfries!) please get in touch


Or you could always print some of these codes off and leave them somewhere as a Christmas mystery to be solved!

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