CLC meetings

Our Quartz housegroup meetings in April, May and June

CLC will meet at Simon and Kates house 7.30 till 9.00pm. The saints days listed below are for general interest only! The leader of each meeting is encouraged to take us where the Holy Spirit inspires them.


24th (St George of Lydda c 303AD, patron of England and many other places!


8th (Julian of Norwich c.1417 AD, Author,”Revelations of Divine Love”)

22nd (Helena of Caernarfon, C.330AD, for a folklore version have a wander over here…)


5th (Boniface of Mainz, Bishop missionary and Martyr, 754AD)

(Special summer Forest Church meetup on Sunday the 18th)

19th (Bernard Mizeki, Martyr, 1896AD)

D&G School summer holidays start, and we work out a plan for the summer.

For more details about CLC please visit its page on this site.

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