Christian Life Community

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People involved in Quartz have been meeting as a housegroup under the working title of “Christian Life Community” or “CLC”. These are inspired by Ignatian Spirituality. We take turns to lead and host the evenings.

We meet regularly in small groups to pray and share, supporting one another through the ups and downs of ordinary life. In listening to one another we grow to understand ourselves, deepen our relationship with God and discover more clearly how each one of us is uniquely called to respond to God’s love.

The general format for the evening will be roughly

The default is from the S.E.C. lectionary from the Sunday before the meeting, but leaders are free to choose other readings and inspiration for reflection.
Each leader will encourage participants to try a technique such as “Lectio Divina”, a craft technique, music, or something else they have found helpful.
Small sharing group time
– A chance to simply talk with trusted others about what is going on in your spiritual life


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    Truth and beauty, Wigtown, Sunday 6.20 am
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