Current Weaving

Sunday the 29th of July 2 - 5 pm
St John's Church, Newall Terrace

This evening will be a chance to explore the international connections between Dumfries churches and the worldwide Church, by making a 6m long woven tapestry. ...which will then be continued at the Nithraid on the 11th of August to help people in Dumfries explore the connections between Dumfries and the wider world...

Alison Fair-Bixler, a textile artist, is back in action after her Spring Fling exhibition and will be helping us make the intangible connections which link us together into a giant weaving which will be part of the 6th annual 'Nithraid' Dumfries river festival.

The latest in a series of tapestries is woven from sheets which have been made into ropes - those of you who sail will get the joke. We will have a variety of activites around the building to help you think about the connections between Dumfries Churches and Churches around the world in the present day. There will also be opportunites to think about our attitudes as citizens in a global world, how we can trade fairly, what effects the way we consume has on local and global resources and so on.

There is much to celebrate! and also some things to pray about and reflect on.

The activities will be carried out in a Christian context and will include thinking about how the Church is uniquely placed to understand the current and historical replationships between the people of Dumfries and the wider world. As usual though, everyone is welcome and invited to participate wherever they are on their faith journey.

Please bring any used (but clean) sheets you'd like to donate.

The afternoon will get going at 2pm, but you are welcome to bring a packed lunch and join us for a picnic beforehand.

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