Quartz – at St Johns Dumfries

We have been using art to explore spirituality for over a decade now.
It is time to pause and reflect on what has happened.

We have had a facebook page since 2012 (Visit it here)
This webpage was developed in 2020 to help provide a blended physical and online resource to maintain relationships and build community. (but you can visit what came before, here)
It provided a framework to run a lent group in 2021. (Take a look at this here.)

In the three months following Easter Simon will be posting the fruits of his reflection on the blog. In the meantime, please browse and view waht has already been prepared as part of the ongoing activities as Quartz.

Follow our exploration on the blog page …

  • Blacksmithing
    Quartz is a partnership between Wordsmithcrafts and St Johns church. What is Wordsmithcrafts though, and why would it form a partnership with a church? The tagline of Wordsmithcrafts is that it helps people learn about their past, so that they can understand their present, and create better futures. Over the years it has become a […]

Please explore, comment, and get in touch. Join with us in sharing our thoughts and the ways in which we encounter God in everyday life. Please get in touch to shape how this can develop. Look Quartz up on these other platforms.

Below are examples of some other areas of activities which Quartz has fostered over the years.

Perhaps we will even make a handbook if you are interested?



An ongoing theme, linking church life with time for reflection in schools and spiritual seekers everywhere.
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This is the name given to our #SensingSpirituality in the community events. These have included installations in high street shops, labyrinths in parks or even weaving connected to the flow of the river Nith.

A wee cairn of fiery stones from pentecost

2nd Sundays

Around 2019 we ran a series of more traditional approach to services once a month, on the second Sunday, with related activities throughout the month.


If a month has five Sundays in it we will try to do something special. Because this is usually a drawing together and combining of St Johns community activities within the building, it is called interweave. We use activities from our outerweave events combined with the Episcopal tradition to make each event both familiar and surprising to all those involved.
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In the building and in the community

Quartz is the overall name for the partnership project working within the St Johns community to build spiritual literacy and explore Church tradition using contemporary artistic creativity.

Some activities take place within the St Johns building, others are located in community settings, or the Wordsmithcrafts Studio on a perpetual pilgrimage – looking for the face of God in friend and stranger. Receiving what is offered and giving when asked.

Take time out for reflection, or become more involved.

Feel free to browse and drop in and out at your leasure.

If you’d like to be kept up to date or become more involved that would be awesome.



We’d love to keep you updated with our latest news! We promise we’ll never spam. Take a look at our Privacy Policy for more details.



We’d love to keep you updated with our latest news! We promise we’ll never spam. Take a look at our Privacy Policy for more details.